Cooking Quinoa – Searching For Recipes

28 Aug

I am out of my Quinoa flakes and I need to run to the store to get some more. I don’t have as much energy in the mornings when I don’t eat them and I have all of these bananas just sitting around turning brown. I don’t mind if they get a little brown, but they kind of turn my stomach when they are almost completely brown.

I try not to think about it too much because I love the flavor of squashed bananas in my quinoa flakes in the mornings. If you haven’t given it a try then you really should.

One thing that I love about going to the grocery store, is looking at all of the different products and thinking of new ways to create a new quinoa recipe. It isn’t any secret that I love to cook quinoa and if you were a part of my family you might be sick of hearing about it. But one of my favorite past times is finding out ways to make quinoa my main food source. I eat it morning, noon, and night. I love it, and I love combining it with other healthy, nutritious foods.

Since I have started this quinoa project of mine, I have lost a lot of weight and a few inches off of my mid section, which just pushes me more to continue what I am doing. I feel the mental clarity I get from eating a nutritious meal as well. If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, then I highly suggest you do.

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