Out of Quinoa

I am out of quinoa today. I ate my last little bit for lunch. I think it is time to cook up more quinoa tacos, but before I do that I need to go to the store to purchase some groceries.

It seems like I am going to the grocery store a lot lately. I find myself eat a ton of fruit. I have more fruit in my fridge than I can probably eat. I need to buy more vegetables. I think I need to be cooking some more stir fried vegies on top of a pile of quinoa. I love that recipe.

This post is going to be short because I have to get to the grocery store. I have been telling my friends about my quinoa habit and they are going to start buying it as well. I guess I should show them some recipes. They seem to love all of the things that I have been cooking with quinoa.

I’m off to cook quinoa.

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Cooking Quinoa – Searching For Recipes

I am out of my Quinoa flakes and I need to run to the store to get some more. I don’t have as much energy in the mornings when I don’t eat them and I have all of these bananas just sitting around turning brown. I don’t mind if they get a little brown, but they kind of turn my stomach when they are almost completely brown.

I try not to think about it too much because I love the flavor of squashed bananas in my quinoa flakes in the mornings. If you haven’t given it a try then you really should.

One thing that I love about going to the grocery store, is looking at all of the different products and thinking of new ways to create a new quinoa recipe. It isn’t any secret that I love to cook quinoa and if you were a part of my family you might be sick of hearing about it. But one of my favorite past times is finding out ways to make quinoa my main food source. I eat it morning, noon, and night. I love it, and I love combining it with other healthy, nutritious foods.

Since I have started this quinoa project of mine, I have lost a lot of weight and a few inches off of my mid section, which just pushes me more to continue what I am doing. I feel the mental clarity I get from eating a nutritious meal as well. If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, then I highly suggest you do.

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Cooking Quinoa For The Day

I was cooking quinoa for the week since I just ran out today. I usually cook quinoa once a week so that when I am hungry it only takes a few minutes to whip up a healthy nutrition meal. I got to thinking about when I was in college and I would cook up raman noodles for lunch and dinner. For breakfast I used to just eat cereal or nothing at all. I never really thought too much about that old clich’ saying that we are what we eat until now. Now I feel so much better about myself and it is all because of my healthy eating habits that I have recently developed. Now I eat quinoa morning, noon, and night.

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How To Become A Vegetarian

There are many great benefits of becoming a vegetarian, and if you choose to do so you should consider making Quinoa one of your main staples that you include with the majority of your meals.

Whatever your reasons are, you have decided to explore the interesting and exciting world of vegetarianism. If you have been a vegetarian for a while or have been researching about vegetarianism, you might already have some idea of what kind of vegetarian you are or want to be. There are four types:

1. Lacto vegetarians- Their diet consists of no animal products, or eggs, but do include dairy products, such as milk,

cheese, yogurt, etc.
2. Ovo-Vegetarians- Their diet consists of no animal or diary products but will eat eggs.

3. Lacto-ovo vegetarians- As you may have already guessed; don’t include any animal products in their diet but will include dairy products and eggs.

4. Vegan- Their diet consists of only plant-based foods, which means it excludes everything that has come from an animal, such as meat, dairy, eggs, honey, etc.

If you haven’t decided what kind of vegetarian you would like to be don’t worry! Not everyone knows exactly what kind they want to be at first (I didn’t), but by experimenting and trying different recipes you will figure out what you need and want or don’t need and want.

Becoming a vegetarian can be as easy as you choose to make it. Whether you enjoy preparing delectable, delicious meals or choose quick and easy ones, vegetarian meals can be very satisfying. If you get in the habit of keeping the following on hand, meal preparation time will become a snap:

-Ready-to-eat, whole-grain breakfast cereals, and quick-cooking whole-grain cereals such as oatmeal, whole-grain breads and crackers, such as rye, whole wheat, and mixed grain and other grains such as barley and bulgur wheat. Quinoa is also something that should be added to every vegetarian diet for protein. It is a small seed that is cooked similar to a grain and it has high value nutrition.

-Canned beans, such as pinto, black beans, and garbanzo beans

-Rice (including brown, wild, etc.) and pasta (now available in whole wheat, spinach, and other flavors) with tomato sauce and canned beans and/or chopped veggies

-Vegetarian soups like lentil, navy bean, or minestrone

-A wide variety of plain frozen vegetables, and canned and frozen fruit

-Fortified soymilks and soy cheeses, should you choose to not eat dairy

-A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, which should be the core of any diet

As you learn to experiment with foods and learn that a meatless diet doesn’t have to lack variety, you’ll find your decision for vegetarianism was not only wise, but easy and fun come mealtime.

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Quinoa Has A Low Glycemic Index

Quinoa has a glycemic index of 51 which is in the green sector for proponents of the GI diet. I’m now on this glycemic index diet having lost a large amount of weight on the mad lighter life diet. Quinoa is simple to incorporate into any diet but due to its low GI and other health benefits, it happens to be one of the best foods to eat frequently in your diet. Quinoa can be mixed with veggies, fruit and other grains to supply tasty meals and nibbles. The Low GI diet is great in itself but with quinoa in the diet it makes it far better.

Quinoa is filling and loaded with protein.

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Cooking Quinoa – How To Make Quinoa

Cooking Quinoa is simple. No wonder it is a super food. Any thing that is this easy to make and provides this much nutrition deserves the title. If you haven’t tried Quinoa yet then you need to experience it in one of your meals. It will keep you from all of the cravings and give you plenty of energy through out your day. I have been counting my calories and since I added Quinoa to my diet, I have decreased the amount of calories I eat through out the day.

Here is a video I made to show you just how simple it is to make. It also save well in the refrigerator so you can make enough to last you for a week. Then when you need a quick snack or meal, it takes even less time to prepare.

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5 Reasons To Add Quinoa To Your Diet

quinoaIf you haven’t heard of Quinoa, then I am not really surprised, but you need to know that you are missing out on what could be the top super food known to man. So what is so great about Quinoa nutrition you might ask? Here are the top 5 reasons you should add Quinoa to your diet.

  1. Quinoa contains more high quality protein than any other grain. Quinoa is not a grain, but is actually a seed. This tiny seed contains a large amount of protein making it a great substitute for meat. This is the perfect food for vegetarians looking to get more protein in their diet.
  2. Quinoa stands alone as a complete protein grain. The protein in Quinoa contains all of the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern.
  3. Quinoa contains no gluten. What a perfect food for Vegans or people that need to watch their blood sugar levels. Anyone that needs a wheat free of gluten free diet needs to consider Quinoa as their new staple.
  4. Quinoa is easy to digest. Quinoa is much less filling than most grains and pasta. It has it’s own delicious nutty flavor that makes it a favorite for many people. It has complex carbohydrates that the body burns at a slower pace which gives you more energy longer. Anyone on a diet would benefit from adding it to their plan.
  5. Quinoa is quick and easy to prepare. The great thing about Quinoa is how quick and easy it is to prepare. It is perfect for our modern day fast paced society. It can be difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy nutritious meal with an active lifestyle so this is a great choice to add to your meals. It can be served as a side dish, in soups, salads, as a pilaf, even as a nutritious breakfast cereal.

If you are looking to create for yourself a healthier lifestyle then Quinoa is the food you need to add to your diet. The health benefits from the nutrition it provides can’t be beat. Go to your local super market and pick some up.

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